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13 September 2007 @ 09:57 am
Dracula's Ball Halloween info  
I just got the email with complete details for the Halloween 2007 Dracula's Ball. Voltaire will be performing, I am such a big fan of his! Hopefully I can get off work that night. But if I can't make it that night, its not the end of the world. He is going to be at Philcon, and so am I, no matter what. (more detailes on Philcon latter.) 

Dracula's Ball info cut and pasted right from the email is under the cut:

Summer's not quite over just yet, but it's already time to start planning
for Halloween.  Besides being the most exciting and fun holiday of the
year, Halloween of course is the last Dracula's Ball event of the year, so
don't miss this one, or you'll be waiting until 2008 for the next one.

The next Dracula's Ball event takes place on Halloween: Wednesday, October
31st, 2007, from 9pm-2am.  Once in a very blue moon (about every seven
years) Halloween happens to fall on a Wednesday night. When this happens,
our venerable Dracula's Ball event runs into the only big bad wolf that's
been stalking the forest for even longer: Nocturne Wednesdays. Every week
for over eleven years, Nocturne has kept Philadelphia's alternative
underground music scene pumping with new life. Don't miss this fantastic
convergence of Dracula's Ball and Nocturne Wednesday - it'll be many years
before it happens again!

The venue for Dracula's Ball will once again be Shampoo Nightclub, located
at 7th & Willow Streets in Philadelphia.  The musical performers are:

CARFAX ABBEY: In a few words: industrial gothic rock metal, a bit like
Stabbing Westward. But if you're thinking of moody songs about lying alone
in a dark room because someone done ya wrong...these ain't the droids
you're looking for. Carfax Abbey are moody and dark, don't
misunderstand...but instead of crying about it, they'd rather stuff someone
in a wood chipper. Metaphorically, of course (we think). But that's the
kind of raw, feral energy you can expect from their intense live show. This
is the official release party for their long-awaited new album, It Screams
Disease, so expect them to take no prisoners. It'll be intense, dramatic,
and hard as nails.

VOLTAIRE: Prepare to shatter every Halloween cliche as the master of
gypsy-goth-satire-rock takes over Dracula's Ball! His sense of humor is
sharper than the pointiest of fangs, and he's not afraid to use it. Sure,
you'll enjoy his uptempo rock music with his fancy string section and
catchy arrangements, but he's just using that to lull you into a sense of
security. Then, before you know it, a witty observation comes out of left
field and you're either laughing your vinyl-clad backside off, or you're
crying away your eyeliner. He's sneaky like that. Unless we somehow managed
to reanimate Brandon Lee, is there anyone else you'd rather spend Halloween

DJ Knobhead somehow manages to make a nightclub actually feel like they
always look in the movies (think Blade in particular). Whether it's the
hottest thumping EBM track straight from Europe, a classic industrial
anthem or even a deadly, slithering goth track, he makes the walls writhe
and boil with sound.   DJ Kathy Fadigan actually has a Ph.D, although it's
not in "mixology." Her preferred treatment is a little rewind (80s new
wave, alt-rock and pop classics) and fast forward (cutting edge synthpop
and electro). Pretty in Pink, Back in Black and White Wedding all together.
DJ Jon Gill is often confused for himself because his name appears on
flyers for so many different events. We love his eclectic taste: it's not
often that you hear Kraftwerk, Prince, Wumpscut, She Wants Revenge and
Skinny Puppy in the same set.

Naturally, there will be vendors (some old, some new), door prizes, candy,
people to meet, and plenty to look at.  Costumes are not mandatory but are
very strongly encouraged.  It's Halloween -- make the most of it!

As always, all ages are welcome  at the Dracula's Ball.  You must be 21+ w/
proper, valid photo ID to drink alcohol.  Photo cameras are allowed at the
Ball; video cameras are not.  Please read our
IMPORTANT CHANGE TO CAMERA POLICY:  Personal cameras are still allowed, but
professional photo rigs, especially those with very bright intrusive
lights, will require a photo pass.

Tickets are $14 in advance and $16 at the door.  You can get tickets
through Ticketmaster, or through no extra charge at IsoTank / Digital
Ferret starting this Saturday, September 15th.  IsoTank is now offering
free shipping on orders of five or more tickets (www.isotank.com) Remember
that, besides being cheaper, advance tickets will get you through the door
more quickly in the advance ticket holder line. ADVANCE TICKETS ARE

You can RSVP for the October 31st Ball on MySpace by visiting this link:

Don't forget to visit the official MySpace page for Dracula's Ball.  You
can find it at:
Please pay us a visit and add us as a friend!  You'll still get the latest
info and news right here from our newsletter, of course.

Don't make any crazy plans for May 2008 just yet.  It'll be the ten year
anniversary of Dracula's Ball and we have such decadent plans for you...

We look forward to catching up with all of you on Halloween!

Warm regards,

[Patrick] and Dracula's Ball staff
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